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Are you keeping your New Year's Resolutions?

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            Candy Scriblerus I really wanna smoke, drink, and eat MuckDonalds!

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            Abbot Alement What's this?

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            MuckDonald Did someone say my name?

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            Tarborough May I offer you a cigarette?

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            Candy Scriblerus Gimme a break!  Can we get some privacy?

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            Thomas Cock Take a break with me!

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            Haartless Get some privacy in my house!

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            Martinus Scriblerus This is private.  Just you, me, and the 21 655

            Advertisers on FaceBook'em, who are Everyone's Friends.

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            Candy Scriblerus They're a pain in the neck!

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            AThiever Just for that I'm putting your health insurance up.

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            Martinus Scriblerus You could not find better Friends in the whole

            postmodern World!  They care about nothing but themselves,

            continually boast about their dubious Merits, always want Money,

            and gossip about you to their Friends!


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            Candy Scriblerus Gossip?  O great!

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            OK! So you like gossip, do you?

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            Hello! Hello!

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            Martinus Scriblerus Calm yourself.  Some Advertisers, like Go Ogle,

            promise to forget your Politics, Sexuality, darkest Fears, &c.  In the

            Meantime, they would never whisper your Secrets to any

            Blabbermouths, unless they were paid, nor inform the Government,

            unless they were asked.

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            Candy Scriblerus The government?  Better and better!

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            Nick Dregg Ta very much, duck!

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            Martinus Scriblerus You have nothing to fear.  The Government only

            wisheth to stop Terrorists, Marxists, Reformers, and anyone else who

            would change our glorious Utopia.

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            LittleThought-out Dolls If you like Marx, you'll love a Marx Toy!

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            Candy Scriblerus Facebook'em sounds like a spy network to me.

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            M15 Potential spy network detected: investigation launched.

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