1. When the Holiday Spirit was embodied at the Department Store, there came three wise Men from Wentworth House to Town,

2.  saying "Where is the Holiday Spirit?  We were watching Sky Television, when a Star appeared, holding an Ecocybertine, guiding us to pay Homage to it."

3.  When the People had heard these things, they were troubled, and began to gather their Riches.

4.  And Harvey the Marxist asked what was going on.

5.  And the People said unto him "We must pay Homage to the Holiday Spirit, for so it is written:

            6.  This Room and I want Music, Lamplight,
            a good Book, fresh Tea steaming.
            Across the evening City Home is waking,
            in Semis, terraced Streets, Estates,
            in quiet Suburbs, Silence breaking
            with TV, Kettles, and Radios."

7.  And Harvey grinned, and called for the wise Men, and questioned them.

8.  And he sent them away and said, "Go and search diligently for the Spirit; and when ye have found it, bring me Word again, that I may come and worship it also."

9.  When they had heard the Marxist, they departed; and, lo! they beheld a Sign stood over where the Spirit was.

10.  When they read the words J---n L---is they rejoiced with exceeding great Joy.

11.  And when they were come into the Shop, they saw cheap Reproductions of a Child and Mother, and they fell down, and worshipped them, and offered up their Riches.

12.  And they got a strange Feeling they should not return to Harvey, and departed to Wentworth House another Way.



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