Nov. 3rd, 2012

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I could not agree more with the Government's Decision to leave Art Subjects out of the GCSE Curriculum.  Do you think Tr--cy Em---n ever learned to draw?  Do you think Dam---n Hur---t can sculpt something beautiful?  Do you think An----w M----on, before he admitted defeat, could write?  Of course not!  yet these are amongst our leading creative Economists.  Why?  because of Marketing!  Take it from a Recruiting Officer in Mr Sa---tchi's Art/Advertising Empire, the best Art, like the best Advertisement, is all about the Concept.  Show someone an unmade Bed, or a new mobile Phone, and they will naturally think it is Scrap, certainly not worth wasting their Days to buy; but persuade them it is a Work of Genius beyond their Comprehension, and the height of Fashion, and they will throw you their Wallets!  Doubtless there are People out there who, given the Opportunity, could paint a Mona Lisa, sculpt a Venus, or write a Paradise Lost, but they are where they belong, vegetating behind Tills and conveyor Belts.  Why?  because their Style would be too old-fashioned to sell, and their Works too full of Meaning for any Publisher, bent on distracting the Population, to endorse.  Therefore to grow the creative Economy, scrap Art, Music and creative Writing, and replace them with Economics, Business Studies, and Marketing.



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