Oct. 16th, 2012

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Today The Guardian reissued Mr Chomsky's tired Argument that our Species is under threat of Extinction by nuclear War, thanks chiefly to American Imperialism: this, just after it reissued the tired Argument of Mr Monbiot (a Chomsky Cultist), that the Species is under threat of Starvation, thanks to global Warming.  It is a Wonder the Spearhead of the liberal Media doth not also publish Chomsky's Argument that the Media misinformeth Voters because it is owned by pro-Business Companies!  Chomsky's name rankles like the Word "Welfare", but unlike Welfare, which is thankfully being abolished, Chomsky gaineth an ever-increasing Following of Plebs who want to end Injustice, Exploitation, Illness, Inequality, Hunger, Violence, and Oppression, and therefore listen to his straightforward Talks on YouTube, and read his easy Articles at www.zcommunications.org.

With so many Enemies in the corporate World, allied with People in the Government, the Media, and Academia, with so much to lose if Chomsky is correct, I am surprised that no-one, for half a Century, hath successfully refuted the Worldview of this one Man!  Or at least found some Mud to sling!  At best they have contested a couple of Facts, and kept him, as far as possible, out of the public Eye.  Perhaps they have been too busy.  Or perhaps they wanted to give the Honour of defeating him to their Champion, Martinus Scriblerus, which he now graciously accepteth!

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