Sep. 21st, 2012

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This Morning I enjoyed a refreshing Constitutional.  As I strolled down the narrow Pavement, breathing the morning Fumes, shaded by a Canopy of Cameras, greeting the Drivers honking their way merrily off to Work, I was struck by what a free Society we live in.  And when I heard the Drivers's unconventional Salutations back, I was struck by what free Speech we have.  Of course, by "free" I do not mean People can do, say, or think what they please!  That would be Anarchy!  Poor People, for example, are barred from entering Politics; sedition Laws prevent People telling the Truth about Government; and PR guideth People which way to vote.  We must restrain People to preserve their Freedom.  For this Reason I agree, in principle, with Dan Sabbah's call for corporate Censorship.  It is not enough that Fools should be ignored or argued away, but they must be given the Distinction of Censorship.  (By "Fools" I mean anyone who sayeth anything that someone somewhere might find offensive.)  However, being half-Troll, I find Mr Sabbah's Terminology racist, and have therefore requested his Article be removed.

There once was b---- of a Tory,
Ed M-------d's new pride and glory,
N---k C----g has run off
With a Thatcherite toff:
That's British democracy for ye.

Having spent all our cash to secure
Bankers' fortunes, the government swore
"We cannot tax us,
Or our benefactors,
We must shake down the fat cats, the poor."

In recession, the chancellor puts
Working people on welfare: he's nuts!
Th' economy slows,
And borrowing grows,
So what does he order?  More cuts!

Humanity faced execution
By nuclear war and pollution.
Said Britain, "Dear me",
While sipping its tea,
"Perhaps there will be revolution?"



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