Sep. 5th, 2012

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I got wasted last night!  it was so impressive.  I puked my guts out!  ok, so i've had another s--- day, at my s---- work, with my s--- boss, and I want to forget it all.  you know how it is.  so I start at the cock and bimbo.  have a few pints, watch the match.  our race wins, of course, cos "we're by far the greatest team that the world has ever seen!"  the pundits p---- me off, though.  they say our best football has come from having rooney in the middle of the park, glossing over the roles of the two men behind him!  both defenders, at different times, actually ran with the ball.  hutchinson would trot out 20 yards and pass the ball forward which, on top of being more accurate than passing it 40 yards (yes I'm looking at you henry!) allowed for a faster pace of the game and in turn allowed chambers and moses to work their way forward.  I tell you, these so-called experts know f--- all.  I watch a lot of footy, know all the players, all the strategies.  I don't need some toffs telling me what's what!  I get enough of that at work!  anyway, I have a few more pints, smack some c--- for spilling gui--ess on me, then its off to wetherspooners to pull!

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Barbara and I enjoyed a concert yesterday evening, with brandy and cigars at the interval.  She took the opportunity to wear her new halter neck evening gown, and I my new silk waistcoat.  It was a skilful performance of 4'33'', composed by that learned theologian and friend of Marcel Duchamp, John Cage.  Most civilised!  How unlike the music emporia in the adjoining street!  What a din!  And their clientele!  I doubt they would have appreciated the ineffable complexities of postmodern music!  They were drinking and smoking, and wearing the most ridiculous attire!  The men flaunted their meagre incomes by wearing expensive shirts, and the women flaunted their meagre bodies by wearing--my word!  There was one girl, shivering in the dark, wearing more makeup than clothes!  

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Having a good Ear for the Music of the Spheres, yesterday I attended The Gimcrank Astronomical Symposium on Distant Matter.  A most stimulating display of Learning!  Afterwards, I retired to my Telescope, still giddy from drinking the Waters of Helicon.  However, my ecstasy was soon threatened by my Wife, who began to ask me about my Day, and pace up and down when she had no Reply.  At length I withdrew my Eye, and Credit Card, and bid her entertain herself.  She jumped for Joy, and left me with a Kiss.  

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OMG, last night some chav threw up on me!  Gross!  He completely ruined my little black dress!  It was worse than at work!  I've showered and showered and I can still smell it!  The whole evening was, like, a disaster!  Marty had been to some jobs fair, or something.  I don't know.  Another subject beyond-eth female comprehension-eth lol!  Maybe it was a comic book convention?  Anyway, he didn't want to play, so I rang Jenna, and she wanted to go dancing.  It was a bit of a drag because I'd only just taken off my makeup, and didn't want to waste another hour putting it back on, but a girl’s got to look her best!  Plus I'd been looking for somewhere to take my 5.9L Ecocybertine Pro!

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