Sep. 4th, 2012

the_new_scriblerus_club: (Stalinus)

Today I invested in a most profitable Venture!  I sought to maximise Profits, abolish Workers's Rights, and overthrow the meddling State by funding the Liber---ian Party!  (Not to be confused with the Socialist Libertarian Movement, a Bedlam of Lunatics who think Workers could run Businesses better without giving the Profits to superfluous Owners!)  The Liber----ians would do away with arbitrary Power, and replace it with de facto Power.  Imagine a State without a State!  There would be no more Taxes! no more Regulations! no more public Holidays! no more public Life-support! no more Resource management!  In a liber----ian Utopia everyone would be free to do whatever they pleased!  The Rabble would be free to skip and whistle and shoot and stab!  They would be free to obey the Managers, or starve!  The Managers would be free to have Coke Parties!  They would be free to rape their female Workers and fire them when they got Pregnant!  They would be free to bomb their Competitors!  In short, everyone would be subject to the Free Market, a glorious System, whereby People get whatever they want by voting for it with Money!  (I make no distinction betwixt what People want and what People need.)  The best Part is, I will secretly dominate the System, by creating artificial Wants with Marketing!



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